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7 Culinary Leaders 25 Years Old And Under

"Historically speaking, a tell-tale sign of culinary leaders is their age. Their leadership qualities can be attributed to the fact that they have years of experience behind them. Well these leaders are turning that sentiment upside down. From truffle importing, to a 19-year-old culinary genius, here are the top food leaders under the age of 25." - The Edge

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Michael Levine (25)

"Based in New York. Michael Levine is the CEO of Global Food Solutions, a company that develops healthy, and affordable food for schools. Levine has made it his mission to make food sustainable, by using local providers and farmers in the food service industry. His initiatives have brought nutritious school lunches to millions of students in New York, Boston, Chicago, and Philadelphia. The goodwill that Global Food Solutions is spreading has earned Levine more than $15 million a year." - The Edge

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