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Meet The Business Leaders Who Are Driving Positive Change In Their Industries

BALTIMORE, MD / ACCESSWIRE / May 4, 2020 / Business leaders are known to be individuals that set the pace for the future. These individuals motivate and inspire thousands of minds to work towards common goals that are aimed at transforming the way we look at our world today.

This article spotlights some of these innovative leaders, discusses how they've transformed their industries, and sheds light on their achievements so far. Let's have a look at them.

Michael Steve Levine

Michael Steve Levine is the founder of two multimillion-dollar companies: Global Food Solutions; a firm that develops healthy food products, and LineCor Distribution Solutions, a firm that provides scalable third-party logistics and distribution services.

Michael is also a two-time alumnus of Johnson & Wales University (JWU), having completed degrees in Culinary Arts & Food Service Management and Entrepreneurship.

Since the founding of both his companies, over 500 million individual portions of their branded products have been served to students and they plan to keep expanding until their products are in all schools across America.

Michael's dynamic approach to food solutions and his passionate drive to work with kids to fulfill a vision to bring a healthy and sustainable change in the food industry has earned him a spot on our list of individuals making a difference in their industries.

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