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Michael is a dynamic and innovative entrepreneur, who is especially passionate about working with kids and the millennial generation on a vision to drive healthy and sustainable change in the food industry.


Michael is a two-time alumnus of Johnson & Wales University (JWU), holding degrees in Culinary Arts & Food Service Management and Entrepreneurship. Currently holding over 20 different food safety certifications, he has continued education through various food safety and regulatory compliance courses, and, has also studied food sustainability and graphic design.


After completing his formal education, Michael went on to found several multimillion-dollar companies, including Global Food Solutions, which develops brands and products for the Food Service and School Food Service industry; LineCor Distribution Solutions, which provides scalable third-party logistics and distribution services; and most recently, the LVYN Angel Fund, which focuses on investments in social impact business models. His companies – which collectively realize over eight figures per year in sales – follow a self-funded approach, with each free of investment dollars, bank funds, or debt.

Michael's expertise in navigating and developing food products to rigorous USDA regulations and standards has lead to him to working with some of North America's largest food manufacturers. His core work focuses on developing healthy, sustainable products for the Food Service Industry, aimed at supporting local producers to maintain fresh, nutritious foods, and to sustain community building through supporting local business to the regions in which he operates.


Through this work, Michael has developed and launched over seven category specific brands and more than 150 products in the Food Service & School Food Service Industry, including Right Start Foods (devoted to creating wholesome, clean breakfast products for the healthcare trade and School Food Service) and Alfresco Italian Specialties (responsible for one of the largest brand-specific programs to support local sustainability sourcing for New York State Schools). His products span the fresh, frozen, shelf-stable, and packaged goods categories, and focus on supporting local communities. One example is pasta, sauces, and bread items all produced by New York State businesses specifically for New York State Schools – with a goal of driving local sustainability and fresher, higher quality ingredients. The result is feeding tens of millions of students in schools per year, and also providing meals to those in need through government assistance programs.

Michael is also passionate about his community and empowering students through anti-bullying campaigns. In 2016, he launched a campaign in partnership with Monica Lewinsky, reaching millions of students with anti-bullying emojis and messaging incorporated on school food packaging. He is an outspoken supporter of providing meals to school kids across the United States and is actively involved with the #BESTRONG Foundation, No Kid Hungry, and various food banks in America. Most recently, he partnered with Mentoring USA to provide over 50,000 meals and snacks annually to students needing access to after school programs.



After receiving invites to attend five Forbes Under 30 Summit events the U.S. and overseas, Michael was named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list in the Food and Drink category for 2017. Shortly following, he was one of thirty distinguished chefs and food bloggers invited to the National Peanut Council's Millennial Food Summit. He regularly speaks to students on changing the future of food, often returning to his alma mater (JWU) to share advice and expertise.  He also served as a podcast guest on The Unconventional Life series airing on Forbes Media, which was ranked #1 by CIO as the podcast for entrepreneurs in 2017. Michael's company Global Food Solutions was most recently ranked #1354 on the Inc 500 List of Fastest Growing Private Business in America. 

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